Rejecting the opportunity to work in a bank, I dived into the exploration of artistic creation and art studies. My prior study of economics influenced me to question sustainability of my artistic processes, of the cycle of a material, a product of art and its dissemination. Through this development I came to prefer art as sustainable and symbiotic and see my artistic process as a holistic one.

Through different media and disciplines merged in my practice, I research embodied, theoretical, political and social implications of our anthropocentric belief systems, question ways of living and existing, notions of rightness and wrongness, other and otherness and what it means to be a human today. I am especially committed to the research of trust and empathy, senses and bioethics, within the range of human-nonhuman relationships, in order to point to our responsibilities to Others.

Art is a power, that through the creative process sometimes reveals itself. It is a stream of energy that changes the creator and the viewer. I see it as a tool to creating a better life and kinship with all whom we share the Earth with, a new symbiocene and more-than-human choreographies. Though curious about human, our long-term destructive anthropocentrism shifted my practice to turn around and act so, I prefer working with nonhumans in a non-invasive creative interspecies collaborations.

Not only in my art, in my life too I am concerned with changes that create finer mutual future. I have turned to vegan diet, I try to up-cycle and reuse, to minimize my footprint, but often, I fail too. In the end, it is not about perfection but respect and care.