She hears, she feels, then she surrenders |2016

A visually impaired woman tries to face her fear of darkness. In order to do so, she needs to let go and trust a dog.

Similar to looking through a pinhole of a hand, Jacqueline sees only a part of the image. It is blurry and the hole is slowly getting smaller.
Nadia is leading Jacqueline wherever she goes but she also enjoys her time being just a dog. Jacqueline can locate her easily because of her ringing bell. “You have to let off your control!” says Jacqueline and tells us their story.

This work is an ode to a new start, to that significant other, a personal story about symbiosis, of a human and an animal. What does an animal think? And does she make mistakes? How do we influence each other in a specific close relationship and where are the borders, where one being ends and another one starts?
These questions born out of a personal interest in human-animal bond led me to the art of being humble in front of the other, and eventually to Jacqueline and Nadia, a visually impaired person and her guide dog.
“Before, I used to be scared of going out in the night. Now, I have her, and off we go. She is always ready.”

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