To farm or not to farm

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The work was presented during the Interval°5. “With the performance festival Interval °5 on 15th November 2014 in Essen the action laboratory PAErsche showed solo performances by artists from Poland, Croatia and Belgium. In the temporary exhibition space ERDgeschoss visitors were offered an insight into the various trends of performance art from Europe.” Interval is founded and organized by Marita Bullmann on behalf of PAErsche – action laboratory.

Photo by Thomas Reul

Ivana Filip’s collection of works and products is inspired by her research, affect and close coexistence with nonhumans. Works in the shop as such represent the extension of her artistic practice. Hopefully these artworks and products can contribute to your richer experience and relationship with nonhumans or perhaps make your dear one jollier. Every month we shall donate 10% of our monthly income to a non-profit dedicated to the protection of nonhumans in Croatia.

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